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7 Common Roof Repair Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Roof Repair

Every year, people in the United States alone spend more than $52 billion to hire roofing contractors. The industry for roofing contractors employs more than 279,000 people!

This is just some indicator of how often people need roof repair. Finding the right roofing company is often the easiest and safest way to keep your roof in top condition.

At the same time, many roofing contractors with experience will tell you that people often make certain mistakes when trying to repair their own roofs. So just what are these common mistakes that roofing companies often have to fix and how can you avoid them?

Read on to learn all about the most important things to keep in mind to avoid common roof repair mistakes!

1. Trying to Fix the Wrong Problem

Many people hunt around on their roof trying to find the source of their problems. Once they find the correct area, they think they have diagnosed the issue.

The truth is, there is a lot more to know about what is going wrong than just knowing where it is going wrong. Many people without professional roofing training end up attributing their problems to the wrong causes.

Sometimes, it is immediately apparent when this happens. People think they have fixed the problem only to discover that nothing actually changes.

Sometimes, the attempted fix is temporarily helpful. However, damage then starts to accumulate over time. By the time people realize that the problem has not been properly resolved, the real causes of roof damage may have greatly exacerbated the problem.

One of the most common ways that people misdiagnose their roof problems is by replacing curling shingles. When shingles curl, the problem is not the shingles themselves. As a result, replacing the shingles does not solve anything.

Instead, you need to figure out why the shingles are curling. Then you can stop the problem at its source.

2. Replacing Roof Parts That Don’t Match

Some people try to decrease their roofing repair budget by using old roof parts that they have around. For example, they might throw out some broken shingles and then add new ones that seem to be similar.

Unfortunately, shingles often seem more similar than they really are. Just because a shingle looks the same or has the same color does not mean that it actually functions the same.

On top of that, shingles that do not share all of the same characteristics often do not function very well when you put them together. That means that people that put the wrong shingles on the roof will often discover that their problem persists.

Even worse, many shingles seem more similar in appearance than they really are. There are few places that get the same quality of light as on top of your roof.

Shingles that appear to be identical in normal lighting may reveal themselves to look quite different once they are on your roof and the sun is shining on them.

A mismatched patch of shingles can ruin the aesthetic appeal of your home.

3. Using Too Many Layers When Fixing Roof Damage

Some people know that they do not have very much experience repairing roofs. They try to compensate for their lack of experience by erring on the side of caution. They think that if they add extra layers of protection, the end result will be a proper seal.

Unfortunately, you can have too many layers when it comes to the functionality of your roof. The extra weight of too many layers can slowly damage your roof and interfere with a proper seal.

If you know what you are doing, you can make a perfectly functioning roof without using extra layers of protection. However, you might need to hire professionals to achieve this result.

4. Failing to Create a Smooth Slope

It is important that your roof have an extremely steady slope. Some people notice that it is actually quite hard to notice when a roof has an exactly smooth slope or not. They think that they can get away with small deviations from a smooth slope.

Unfortunately, your roof slope needs to be smooth for more than aesthetic reasons. A smooth slope is essential to the proper functioning of your roof.

If you can't create a perfectly smooth slope, there is some chance that your home will end up suffering significant water damage.

5. Reusing Old Roof Repair Equipment

Some people try to reuse flashing to repair their roof. However, flashing tends to break down easily when it is not installed. That is why it is essential to use new flashing whenever you repair a section of a roof.

6. Ignoring the Importance of Moisture Protection

Your roof is designed to look very simple on the surface. However, that simple surface cloaks underlying complexity. Your roof actually has many layers, and the waterproof underlayment is one of the most important layers.

Fixing the surface of your roof will not do anything to solve a problem that actually originates in the underlayment. If you have never replaced an underlayment before, it is probably best to hire professionals.

7. Ignoring the Attic

Many people do not realize that the attic is an essential part of the roof. Examining the problem from both on top of the roof and inside the attic helps professionals diagnose the exact nature of the problem. Knowing how to read the signs of damage you can find in the attic can help you implement a solution that actually works.

Understand How to Avoid the Most Common Roof Repair Mistakes

We hope learning about the most common roof repair mistakes and how to avoid them has been helpful for you. There is a reason that so many people turn to roofing contractors when they need help. A quality roofing company will generally have already addressed problems with roofs very similar to your own.

The more you understand about roofing, the more likely you are to appreciate the importance of using professional roofing companies for complex repair jobs. To learn more about how to avoid roof repair mistakes or to speak with experts in roof repairs, feel free to reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!

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