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Roofing Contractor vs DIY Roof Repair: 5 Reasons to Go With the Pros

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As of 2022, the roofing contractor market size stands at $56.1 billion. According to market indicators, this industry will grow by 0.7% by the end of the year.

A DIY roof repair can give you some satisfaction that you fixed your home alone. Even though that's the case, there are still pros and cons of DIY roof repair.

Taking on a DIY roofing project can be an uphill task if you're not a professional. The chances are high that you may not have the right equipment and expertise for the job.

So, you must look for a roofing contractor to handle the project. Read on to learn five reasons you should go with a professional roofing contractor.

1. Knowledge and Experience

Your roof represents a complex system with plentiful components and layers. All these roof parts work together and require proper connection to direct water away instead of into your home.

Professional roofing contractors must undergo training to understand installing and repairing complex roofing systems.

Usually, your roofing contractor may need to get certified by the state, province, or roofing association. Others may get certified by a manufacturer, gaining extra skill and experience.

The training allows professional roofing contractors to keep your home secure from bad weather in ways that a DIY roof repair can't. For instance, a professional can spot another problem that you may not have noticed while they're on your roof fixing one issue.

As a homeowner, you can learn about your roofing problems. This is despite not having the time to grasp everything you require to complete a roofing repair task.

Even when you’re replacing a fallen shingle, a lot of things can go wrong. For example, you may not know how to pull back shingles above new shingles.

Another miss would be to leave your nail heads exposed to corrosive elements or use the wrong nail size. Unfortunately, either of these small mistakes may end up causing leakages on your roof.

2. Liability and Insurance

Home insurance will most likely not cover any damages you cause on your roof. These damages can result from walking on your roof or taking a DIY roof repair approach without the necessary skills and knowledge.

Besides, your insurance company may argue that you were negligent in taking a DIY roof repair approach. This may make the insurance company deny your claim and make you pay for the roofing repairs out of pocket.

The chances of your St Cloud roofers making mistakes are very minimal. Even if it happens, your roofing contractor will have insurance to cover any damage caused to your roof.

Besides, a reputable roofing contractor will also come back to fix any mistakes done to your roof without extra charges. So, choosing a professional roofing company guarantees you the protection of their insurance cover.

That way, you save yourself from the stress and expense of handling a denied claim. Remember, insurance claim regulations slightly differ from state to state.

So, it's best to confirm with your lawyer and insurance company before using any funds you got in your claim. The company may deny further claims if you make any mistake with a DIY roof repair using your insurance policy money.

Your insurance company may argue that you assumed roof repair risks by not looking for a professional roofing contractor.

3. Limited Warranties

Hiring professional roofing contractors provides coverage of two types of limited warranties. These include one from your roofer for labor and another from your shingle manufacturer for product faults.

Attempting a DIY roof repair may prevent you from getting covered by the roofer's limited warranty.This may also end up nullifying your limited warranty from the manufacturer of your shingles.

According to manufacturers, following the application instructions, you must properly install roofing products. Further, you must be willing to follow the building code requirements for you to qualify for limited warranty coverage.

A professional roofer stands in a better position to follow such requirements. If you cause damage to your roof, a professional may find it hard to restore your warranty coverage.

Still, your roofing company may choose to offer you a limited warranty on their work. Even so, it may be challenging for you to enjoy the full advantage of that guarantee.

Your roofing contractor can always argue that your roof’s initial damage caused the problem beneath.

4. Costs and Tools Availability

Often, you may think a DIY roofing repair will save you money as a homeowner. Unfortunately, that may not always be the case.

Instead, you may spend more than you would have done hiring a professional roofing contractor. Any slight mistake on your roof may end up costing you more money in additional damage costs.

In other cases, you may find yourself buying more roof repair materials than you need. With a professional roofing company, you can have your budget in check.

Besides, you won’t need to spend a lot of time on labor. The tools used by a professional may also be expensive for you to buy or rent.

Trying to save money and time by not buying or renting the right tools for work may put your safety at more risk. Avoid the DIY approach and talk to a professional if you can’t afford your roof repairs.

A professional roofing contractor will provide you with cost-saving options to choose from and deliver quality work.

5. Saves You Time

Sometimes, you may underrate how much time it would take you to get done with your roofing repairs. Delays may cause more issues when you paint your front door or lay down tiles.

Delays can also cause adverse weather conditions to damage your roofing materials. So, it's crucial that you complete your roofing work efficiently and on time to minimize your risks of damage.

Hiring a professional roofing contractor will ensure your project gets done much faster than your DIY approach. This helps you reduce your roof's exposure to damage from harsh weather and sunlight.

Hiring a Roofing Contractor

It’s essential to consider the experience level of your roofing contractor before hiring. If possible, look for a contractor with at least five years of experience in their line of duty.

Ensure your roofing contractor has an insurance cover and proper licensing. That way, you can be assured of getting quality roofing services.

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