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Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof at Home? A Guide

Getting a replacement or repair for your roof can cost a lot of money. But you may need to do so to make sure an integral part of your home is in good condition. So how do you know if you should replace your roof or just repair it?

There are many factors that are important to keep in mind when deciding to make changes to your roof. Whether you’re looking to make roof repairs or replace your old roof, you’ll want to know the key factors to what you’ll need to do. Without a solid roofing guide to give you the right insight, you may cost yourself lots of money for the worst results.

Are you thinking about repairing or replacing your roof at home? Want to know what to look for before deciding on what to do? Continue reading our quick roofing guide to help you decide which is best for your home.

Signs That a Roof Needs Repairs

There are a few types of damage that will require repairs to be done to your roof, but don't necessarily need a replacement. Often you’ll see natural damage done to your roof from the weather, such as wind damage and hail damage. This can build up over time and will to repair any damage, which can be done with roofing companies at a low cost.

Other damage you can find on your roof involves water leaking into your home. Homes with rubber or tar & plastic can suffer from damage that will cause a leaking roof. Roof leaks can be easily repaired by just fixing any section where a leak occurs with the same material the roof is made of.

When You Need to Replace Your Roof

If you find signs of damage that are much more extensive or serious, then it’s time to replace your roof. The biggest factor that can decide this is the age of your roof. If maintenance has not been done on your roof in a long time, then enough damage may have built up to require a full replacement.

The extent of any damage you notice will also be a big part of knowing when to replace your roof. If you find your roof to have a lot of degradation, missing shingles, or moss growth; then things have gotten bad enough. Sometimes many kinds of damage can occur at the same time and make a roof replacement absolutely necessary before any more damage can be done.

And finally, the amount of time you plan to stay at home is important as well. If you’re going to be living there for a long time and notice any of the signs above, then it’s best to replace the roof now rather than later. Problems that are left to linger with your roof can become a lot more serious and cost more money to deal with later.

Replace or Repair Your Roof

With our quick guide on if you should repair or replace your roof, you’ll have better insight into what action you should take to keep your roof in top condition. Repairs and replacements can be stressful things, but if you know what to look for, you’ll make a wiser choice for making sure you have a solid roof over your head.

Looking for a roofing contractor to replace your old roof? Visit the Wooley Brothers website and blog for articles about replacing your roof and more. They can help you find the best St. Cloud roofers services for roof maintenance and replacement.

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